Saturday, August 31, 2013

Accessing and Sharing Your Files in the Cloud.

Overview: Find out how the cloud can help you protect your business and make it more efficient by keeping your most important files safe and accessible.

Everyone is talking about "The Cloud" and how it's supposed to make your small business more efficient, successful and all-around awesome, but no one ever seems to talks about what this mystical resource actually does.

Simply put, the cloud is online storage for digital files. While you can use it for any type of file, including photos, videos and music, it's especially beneficial for businesses who have a vast collection of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, contracts, and more.

So how is storing files in the cloud better than storing them on your personal computer? Well, there are a number of reasons ...

Peace of mind lives in the cloud.

By storing your files on a secure, remote server, you're automatically protecting them from hardware failure or worse. Imagine what would happen if your computer crashed or your hard drive died - or worse still, there was a fire or flood - and you lost all your files, emails, contact lists and calendars. How would you get them back? How would it affect your business?

No one likes to think about those kind of situations, but they're more common than you think. Chances are you know at least one person who lost their family pictures or some other valuable data because of computer problems. A secure cloud storage account is like a safe deposit box for your most valuable digital files.

Tip: Create separate folders within your cloud storage account to help you keep your files organized.

You can always touch the cloud.

Have you ever gone to a sales call, client meeting or even just back home, only to discover that you left the file you needed back at the office? Sometimes, it costs you an extra hour of driving to go back and get it. Other times, it may cost you a client who doesn't have time to wait. Either way, the cloud comes to the rescue again.

When your files are stored online, you can get them from any Web-enabled device - even your smartphone - by simply logging into your cloud storage account. When your most important files are always at your fingertips, you might actually get to spend less time in the office and more time doing the things you really love ...

Quick Solution: Online Storage from Go Daddy lets your store, share, and back up your files on fast, secure cloud servers.

Clouds are for sharing.

When you can access your files anytime and anywhere, it's also easier to share them. In fact, you don't even have to send the actual file; you can email or text a link and the recipient can download it, so you don't have to worry about your email getting bounced back because the attachment is too big or the recipient's mailbox is full.

Along the same lines, storing your files in the cloud helps ensure that everyone has access to the latest versions of your files. Because your staff is all pulling the same file from the cloud, you know you're all working off the same document, which means no more mistakes or confusion because someone is looking at a contract that's five days (or even five minutes) old.

Interesting Fact: Go Daddy securely stores over 300 million files with their Online Storage service.

Don't let the cloud cast shadows.

For people who don't really know what the cloud is, it can seem intimidating - a new technology with complicated features and a hefty price tag - but the truth is that the cloud is easier and more affordable than most people imagine; you can find plans for as little as $2 a month. And when you consider what could happen without it, it only makes sense to have a cloud hanging over your business.