Thursday, September 05, 2013

The ‘6 golden rules’ you must follow while searching a job.

Searching for a job? Don’t let a slow job market slow your efforts. Here we bring to you 6 golden rules or the “Secrets for success” that will help you organize your job hunt –

1. Organize your job search – Treat your job search with the same professionalism as you would treat a job. Procrastination seems convenient, but avoid. At the same time, don’t get too obsessed with the job search and spend every hour of your time in finding job. Instead, organize your job search, set up work hours, an agenda, and goals for yourself every day.

2. Be on top of the stack – Make sure you constantly hone your skills and stay up to date with the “latest” in your field of expertise. Also, maintain your professional credentials, certificates, diplomas and degrees. All this will showcase your commitment to excellence and pave your way to success.

3. Be different – Try to be different in your approach for job hunt. For instance, while sending your resume, first assign a “resume title” and then put the name of the company you are sending your resume: “{FIRSTNAME LASTNAME} Resume for XXX Company”. This will show the company that you are not just blasting resume everywhere and may give you an edge over other candidates.

4. Enhance your visibility – Try to make yourself available on all platforms known and frequently visited by recruiters, for eg. LinkedIn. Recruiters may like to verify the authenticity of your resume details (education, work etc.) before they hire you for their job positions. Make a compelling LinkedIn profile and include in it a PDF version of your resume. Participate in meaningful LinkedIn Group Discussions and portray yourself as a sincere job hunter.

5. Network, Network and Network – It’s a thumb rule – ‘Network’. Meet with atleast 3 people everyday. Exchange business cards and build relationships. Remember, people do business primarily with people they know and like. Networking surely takes time and patience, but is well worth the effort.

6. Build a good reputation – Recruiters may do a background check to know more about you. Make sure you never do anything, write anything, or say anything that would ruin your name or reputation. Also, be honest in how you project yourself in your resume. Lying about your education, work experience, employer etc will get you disqualified and takes you away from a job opportunity.

Happy job hunting!